Beach Wedding

Many couples dream of a wedding on the beach in a stunning location like Maui or any of the other Hawaiian islands. While beach weddings are the perfect place to showcase the love and commitment between partners, they can go horribly wrong if they are not planned properly. Some key factors that brides and grooms must consider when planning a beach wedding are:

  • Timing

Beach weddings are perfect in the daytime with a bright blue sea in the background and some sand on your feet. Planning a beach wedding after dark is pointless as the water loses its color and the photographer has to work extra hard to combat the bad lighting situation. Avoid having the ceremony during peak afternoon hours as the sun will be blazing and sweat isn’t a good aspect for any wedding.

  • Hire the right photographer

Photographers that haven’t shot a beach wedding before will find it hard to adjust to the settings. Unlike an indoor wedding, a photographer for a beach wedding has to factor in the sun, wind, and sand. You don’t want wedding pictures where the sun is brighter than your face or the dress is being blown away by the wind. A good photographer will help you to have fun in the sand and be relaxed.

  • Dress appropriately

A three-piece suit and a heavy gown are not the ideal clothing for a beach wedding. A simple, elegant summer dress for the bride and a good looking button down shirt for the groom are the preferred option. The reason for this is quite simple, there are too many elements that can mess up a suit or gown on a beach. This includes sand getting everywhere, sweating because of the weather or just general uncomfortable conditions. Keep it simple and relaxed.

  • Take safety measures

Many wedding suppliers offer tents that are great for a beach wedding. A simple ceremony on the beach followed by a good, long reception under the protection of the tent is perfect for most beach weddings. Sperry tents can keep the relaxed mood while providing elegant décor. Consider these for your wedding.

  • Food

The food at the reception must match the area you are in. A beach wedding in Hawaii, for example, will have roast pig or dishes like poi. The same won’t be the case for a Caribbean beach wedding or a French beach wedding. Incorporate some flavor into your wedding and make the most of it.

Hiring a wedding planner can actually take care of all the factors mentioned above. They are experienced professionals that can make sure everything is right, while the bride and groom relax in the sun and enjoy their big day.

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