Farmhouse Wedding

5 Ways to Make Your Farmhouse Wedding Absolutely Divine

A rustic and simple farmhouse or barn wedding makes for such a beautiful event. But when planning a wedding at a farmhouse, there are many factors you’ll need to take into consideration right from the weather to power supply to cleanliness, to ensure things don’t go awry during your special day.

Design a fabulous farmhouse wedding with these tips

  • Give guests a unique map-cum-invite to help them get to the venue

Farmhouses can be big, and if you've set the altar up in a small nook of the farmhouse, your guests may find it confusing and challenging to find the place on time. To avoid this problem, give your guests a unique wedding card containing a map and explicit directions to your wedding venue.

You can use floor lamps and other light fixtures to light their path to the altar.

  • Keep back-up generators to ensure a steady supply of power

It is true that most farmhouses have good electrical connectivity these days. But its best that you don't leave anything to chance by stocking a spare generator or two to use as a backup power supply.

You can even consider using energy efficient chandeliers and party lights to keep the energy consumption to a minimum, ensuring you don’t need to use the generators during the event.

  • Decorate to a theme or to the season

The farmhouse or barn you’ve chosen to take your vows in may need a pick-me-up to improve its aesthetics. You can choose to decorate the venue according to a theme or in accordance with the current season. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box.

At Rio Event Design, our event designers can help you bring your wedding venue to life. We have premium-quality wedding rentals to give your farmhouse the shine it needs.

  • Infuse natural fragrances to keep the bad odors at bay

Farmhouses mean livestock or plants that need fertilizers to grow. Either way, your wedding may become a smelly affair if you don’t do something to reduce the bad odors. Use fresh floral arrangements as part of your wedding decorations and hang potpourri in faux-fairy lights to give your wedding a magical fragrance and a natural look.

  • Plan for the best and prepare for the worse

Sometimes you may need to have a back-up plan for your wedding rentals in case something unanticipated puts a dampener on your celebrations. At Rio Event Design, we stock wedding tents, bar tables and modern chandeliers amongst other things, which we can bring to your venue as and when you need it. Now you never have to worry about your wedding arrangements.

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