Lighting plays a pretty big part in events. The different types of lighting used amplifies any event by drawing attention to the important aspects of the venue. Different types of lights have different qualities – all valuable in event planning and management. When done properly, lighting has the ability to make everything look beautiful. The right kind of lighting will even draw attention to those details you’ve worked on for hours. Not to mention the amazing photos that are guaranteed when there’s good lighting. Having proper lighting means you can get away with spending less time on the overall décor of the event.

Lighting can be seen as the jewelry of a certain space when used right. Just like how a mix of different accessories can make your whole outfit stand out, a mix of good lighting can make your event unforgettable. Make sure you plan your lighting the right way. Here are a few ways how.

  1. Choose your glow

There always needs to be that one light that just makes you glow. Most people go with twinkle lights, stringing hundreds of them all over the venue. But sometimes, there will be lack of outlets and this makes twinkles lights a rather expensive option. Before fixing on one lighting fixture, discuss your choices with your lighting designer and he will decide whether it complements the venue and the budget. Lighting arrangements are important. Choose wisely.

  1. Outside vs. Inside

There are some great perks for both. The location you decide to do your event on will impact the type of lighting fixtures that you’ll need. Before you make any decisions, visit the location during the day or night and see how much lighting it will need. If you’re hosting the event indoors, you’ll want to first walk the entire space of the building with your vision of the lighting arrangement in mind. It’s preferable to seek the advice of a professional for this.

  1. Learn the most commonly used lighting terms

  • Pin spot – is a focused beam shining directly onto an object to create a highlight effect.

  • Gobos – Stencils placed over a light to create a pattern or design on the wall, floor, or ceiling. Color wash – a blanket of colorful light that covers an area to create a certain mood.

  • LEDs – are great for vibrant hues and color changes.

  • String lighting – creates a magical effect. Similar to market and Christmas lights.

Good lighting does a lot to accentuate the focal points and amplify the aesthetic appeal of an event. There are many design agencies and rental services that offer professional assistance as well as light rentals.

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