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This week we  would like to share our recent work at Sugarman Estate design by Nicole from Opihi Love. we were asked to created a ceiling drape laying down on  the center of our wood canopy  made with lace   and on the sides we were asked to utilize bistro lights. This design was one of my favorites very clean and  classy , we are furtunate that we could make it seamless. I really like our Maui lighting rentals bistro lights on booth sides of each canopy.  Here is some pictures of the event on July 4th:

I forgot to mention that we were feature on   Opihi Love's Blog , please take a minute to check the interview bellow:

This week we bring you a little ‘Island Insider’ interview with event designer Rodrigo Botta. Previously based in New York City, he’s fairly new to Maui though is already making a splash. His company Rio Event Design isn’t just a rental company, Rodrigo has the eye of a designer and brings the wow factor into every detail. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and we’re so delighted to have him here on Maui. Read more about Rodrigo below!

How did you first get into event design? A friend of mine offered me the opportunity to become a free lancer in the event design industry. I started working for Antony Todd and from there I got to meet a lot of other companies. I had the chance to see these outstanding designers at their best and had the pleasure of working for Preston Bailey, David Stark, Frank Alexander NYC, Fete New York, and DeJuan Stroud. With a strong team I started tent draping, which lead us onto other amazing jobs with clientele such as Cartier, Universal Studios, LVMH Group, Conde Nast, United Nations, ANFAR, Time Warner Group, Pepsico, Gucci, EJAF and many more. It is an industry with the highest level of expectation and very little tolerance for mistakes.

Where or who do you draw your inspiration from? After working for so many years with different event designers, I starting to understand that each one of them are very talented and have unique visions. Their creative minds mix colors and materials, and for some of us would think it’s mistake. Though in a few hours it all comes together and you see their vision. I started developing my own designs based on what I like most about all of them, and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with very talented artists.

What are some of your most memorable design projects/events? Definitely the Elton John Aids Foundation – EJAF Academy Award Viewing Party; which I was proudly apart of for 6 consecutive years. The attention to detail and working with industry professionals that are some of the best in their field taught me a lot. Every event I’ve been apart of, I always learn something, though this one especially. It taught me to keep calm and handle any mistake with a professional matter. Another memorable one was a Preston Bailey wedding in Rhode Island. Designed by Frank Alexander NYC, we draped 2300 yards of blue silk fabric through very oversized tent to achieve the palace look. It took us 11 days from start to finish.

What medium is your favorite to work with? Fabric for sure; it is a very pleasant material to work with. It gives you the possibility of changing the entire look and feel of places, things, tents, and furniture. It is a difficult trade to learn, though once you master it it becomes really fun. There are so many different kinds of fabric so it is never boring.

What spurred the move from New York City to island life in Maui? I grew tired of working on big productions all the time, including the stress that comes with them; it’s an overwhelming amount of responsibility. I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Carolina and I decided to live a different lifestyle, away from the stress and cold weather of New York City. We moved to Maui in 2010 with the intension of starting our own business. At the time we did not know what we want to do, we just wanted to work for ourselves.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? I would say learning, and freedom. Learning new technics, skills, or even a different way of cutting a piece of wood gives me more freedom to design. I spend most of my time with my tools working in the shop by myself, trying to figure things out, it makes me happy.

You work with your wife, what’s your favorite part about working together? I am never right! She always challenges me to be better and to constantly improve.

If you were planning your wedding in Maui, what venue would you choose? The closest I could get to the ocean; Olowalu, Sugar Beach, Kukahiko, Sugarman Estate.

What would you say are some of the best parts of getting married or hosting an event on Maui? In the event industry we create memories, and those memories are a combination of infrastructure, nature, and friendly local community. The connection between the bridal party and their guests in Maui is easily made. Maui has a vibe that makes everybody comfortable. When you’re here you get to enjoy your favorite places with your guests, spend time connecting and sharing pastimes. They all appreciate the effort and feel special. Having Maui as your backdrop is unforgettable.

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