Maui is a Great Place to Get Married

Maui is a Great Place to Get Married

Maui has been called the best island on the planet and for many lovebirds, it is. Getting married on an island is the right mixture of exotic and relaxing but why choose Maui over the others? Read on to know more.

Perfect venues

Want to get married on the beach with lots of guests? Want to get married on the lawn of your resort with a few close friends? Whatever your preferences, Maui has you covered. From relaxing beach front resorts to five-star ballrooms with chandeliers there is no shortage of locations to get married. Vast landscapes ensure that you and your partner are offered some of nature’s best views, regardless of the precise location. Outdoor weddings are made better in Maui.

Make it personal

Unlike weddings in big cities, Maui has a relaxed atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. There is more of a personal feel to a ceremony on the beach with your loved ones that isn’t there in most other locations. Everything from the nature surrounding you to the warmth of the Maui people makes getting married there feel like a personal moment. Besides, everyone can agree that being greeted by chirping birds and rustling leaves is a far better feeling than honking and the bustle of busy city streets, during and after the ceremony.

Easy planning

While planning a wedding on an island might sound complicated, in reality it is quite easy. Wedding planners and event designers in Maui are experienced. This means that they can grasp the preferences of their clients with ease and make sure that the wedding is similar to the mental image of the bride and groom. All it takes is regular calls and one or two visits before the actual ceremony to make sure everything is in place. With the advent of technology, even that may be unnecessary.

Cost effective

A wedding in Maui is extremely cost effective as everything is up to the bride and groom. Want to go big? Have a beach wedding and a big ballroom reception at one of the numerous resorts on the island. Don’t want to spend a lot? Have a small beach wedding followed by a tent reception on the beach or surrounding landscape.

Beautiful weather

California is too hot but New York is too cold? Maui offers the best of both with warm, summer climates throughout the year complemented by fresh breeze. Want cooler temperatures without too much rain or snow, get married in winter in Maui for the perfect mix of sunny days and cool evenings.

Maui is a Great Place to Get Married and there is no limit to what you can have at your big celebration. Everything from the ceiling to the lights and flooring can be customized for the chosen venue.

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