Maui Wedding Venue

Setting Up the Perfect Traditional Maui Wedding Venue

Maui weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, warmth, and family. They are usually outdoor weddings on the beach with lots of music and dance, accompanied by amazing food and drinks. Maui weddings are known for being fun and steeped in tradition in the way the wedding ceremony is performed. How can you create the perfect Maui wedding venue?

Essentials of a traditional Maui wedding

  • Lap of nature: Maui weddings are typically performed in the midst of nature. Although beaches are popular venues for Maui weddings, other natural spots such as waterfalls, plantations, and wooded hilltops can also make for amazingly romantic and scenic wedding venues.

  • Lots of flowers and fruits: Maui weddings are incomplete unless all the guests, including the bride and groom, are adorned with lots of local flowers and pretty looking leaves. This could be in the form of garlands, wreaths or headbands, or bracelets, among other things. All guests must also be able to taste fresh local fruits in the form of cocktails, juices, and, cut fruits.

  • Local Maui music and dance: Maui weddings are incomplete without traditional music and dance. Songs and dances in the Maui culture have specific meanings, and there are specific songs and dances performed at weddings to welcome guests, wish the couple luck, and bless the newly wedded couple for a long and happy life together.

  • Local Maui cuisine: Food forms a very big part of Maui weddings. A traditional wedding is incomplete without lots of good local food, sweets, and drinks to accompany all the food. There is a general sense of celebration and happiness that surrounds food in Maui weddings.

Tips to make a traditional Maui wedding venue perfect

  • Ensure that the outdoor venue embraces nature, and use nature to decorate the venue as much as possible.

  • Incorporate lots of local flora in the décor—plants, flowers, trees, climbers—to bring in the feel of a traditional tribal wedding in the midst of nature.

  • Ensure that the location of the venue allows for loud music and dancing, and there is enough space for all the guests to join in the dances.

It can be overwhelming to plan a traditional Maui wedding as there are a very large number of elements involved. So, it is important to hire the right wedding planner and start planning well in advance so there is no last minute rush to get things done for the big day.

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