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Rental Furniture

Are you planning an event? Are you wondering what kind of rental furniture and seating arrangement to use for your event? Do you have some creative ideas but are not sure if they will fit the event you are planning? Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right furniture and styles from chair rentals for seating at your event.

Why choosing the right seating furniture is important

Seating can make or break your event. If it goes well with the event, it will be a hit, if it does not go well with the event, then you will be at the receiving end of a lot of complaints and annoyance from your gusts. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind during event planning for the seating:

Comfort: Although this applies to all your guests, it is especially important to consider if you are expecting a lot of elderly people at your events. It is also particularly important in events that have physically challenged people in attendance. Also, comfort may not always mean cushions and seats you can sink into, as these may not suit all your guests. Congruence: If you have a casual party, for example, with hard-backed chairs that are uncomfortable to sit, it will be a disaster. You need to plan your seating based on the kind of event. Lounge chairs from party rentals are great for casual parties, while straight-backed chairs work well for formal events. Visibility: This is an important factor when you have a performance at an event. Although visibility depends mainly on the seating arrangement, the kind of furniture you use can also make a difference. If you have a stage with performances or a wedding, for example, you might want to consider getting slightly taller chairs from chair rentals for a few rows of chairs at the back of the venue.

Common seating styles for events

Banquet and cabaret: They are perfect for galas, wedding receptions, formal dinners, and most parties. Theater: This is a good style for presentations, product launches, and large group meetings. Cocktail: This style allows for a lot of standing space with minimum furniture to allow ease of movement and is great for casual parties when guests walk around and mingle.

Talk to your event planner and party rentals to understand the best seating furniture and styles for the event you are planning so you can get it right and make your event a grand success.

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