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How the Seating Arrangements in an Event can Accentuate a Theme

Themes are always important. Whether it’s at a wedding, baptism, business meeting or even a funeral, the theme is usually what makes the event stand out. Different seating arrangements compliment different functions. The key is knowing how to choose the best one so as to draw your audience’s attention to the main event.

When it comes to event planning, picking a venue is the easy part. It’s the seating arrangements that stress most people out. Seating arrangements are supposed to make your guests feel relaxed, comfortable, and at ease, so they can participate more and be more impacted by your message. You’ve obviously planned an event because you have something to show your audience. Make the whole experience a bit more memorable with the right seating arrangements. Here are a few seating arrangements you could try so you can look smart at your next event.


This is the seating style that most people opt for. It’s simple, yet efficient. It’s when you align the chairs in straight rows to face the stage or the speaker. When you pick this style, you can utilize all the space you have to its full capacity and also manage to capture your audience’s full attention.


This is the seating style which is mostly used in classrooms and lecture halls. It’s when the tables and chairs are all aligned in neat, straight rows. This allows your guests to jot down notes, as well as get to their food with ease. Their attention will also always be on you.


This seating arrangement is mostly used at weddings. It encourages all your guests to interact with one another. Usually, the VIPs and the important people are seated in the middle because that’s usually where all the action is. This seating arrangement is usually put together using round tables, seating 8 to 10 guests at each table.


This seating style is most used for fancy fundraisers, award nights, workshops, and comedy nights. The arrangement uses round tables with chairs that face in a single direction so that all your guests can have a clear view of the hosts or presenters.


As the name implies, these seating arrangements are usually used for seminars and boardroom meetings. A single oval table is placed in the middle of the room, with chairs facing the speaker or presenter.

There are many seating arrangements you could use for different events. Just make sure the seating arrangement you choose conveys the theme of your event.

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