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Picking the Right Theme For Your Wedding

Your wedding is essentially one of the most important events in your life and it is worthwhile to make it truly memorable by paying attention to the seemingly trivial details as well. Picking a theme for your wedding can be an overwhelming prospect for some, given the enormous variety of options available out there. However, by following a few simple tips and tricks, you can considerably simplify the process and ensure that your wedding theme resonates with your personal style as well. Have a look.

The season The first and most important aspect to consider while picking a theme for your wedding is the time of the year it will take place in. Are you planning to have a colorful spring wedding? Do you wish to incorporate fiery autumn colors in your wedding in October? While you might not believe it, the season of your wedding essentially has a lot to do with the kind of theme that would perfectly align with the weather around you.

The venue Another consideration to make while picking a wedding theme is deciding upon the venue where the party will be hosted. For instance, if you are planning a scintillating beach wedding in Hawaii, you might want to go for a cool color palette with a major focus on blues, sea greens and white pastels. On the other hand, if you have a Vintage garden wedding on your mind, then it would be a great idea to concentrate more on regal colors of wine and gold and carefully pick your décor to re-create the magic of the bygone era.

The couple style The one most commonly overlooked aspects that can greatly influence your choice of a wedding theme is your individual couple style. Your wedding is essentially a reflection of your personality as a couple. So, while a fun and vibrant couple can go for an exciting beach themed wedding, a 19th century themed wedding would essentially be perfect to play up the personality of a romantic and deeply philosophical couple.

The inspiration And finally, you must look around for an idea or an inspiration that drives your through life and defines your very being. Regardless of whether you are an ardent fan of the Beatles or a die-hard poetry lover, there is always something that is the perfect reflection of who you are. You can always take inspiration from your own life and design your wedding theme around it.

Your wedding theme plays a critical role in introducing you as a couple to the world and it would be worthwhile to do your research before making up your mind!

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