Vintage vs Classic Wedding

What Should Your Wedding Theme be? Classic vs. Vintage

The theme of your wedding should be among the first things you choose. Your location, decorations, lighting, and whether the wedding will take place indoors or outdoors all depend on the theme you pick. While most people pick a classic and elegant wedding, some go the retro route and choose a more vintage wedding. Everything you decide afterwards has to correspond with the wedding theme you already picked. Some people might say that having a vintage wedding theme is clichéd because vintage wedding trends are making a comeback. Despite what people say, your wedding is your special day and you should be the one to make the choice, not the masses.

Here are a few advantages of having a vintage wedding theme:

There is an array of themes that you could choose from when you decide to go vintage. Your options are endless. Vintage weddings are some of the most beloved themes of our century. Not only is it romantic, you can also cut a lot of costs with all the DIY accessories. A vintage theme can only amplify the whole romanticism of the event.

With vintage themes, your wedding can either take place in a quaint and lovely setting outdoors, or in a beautiful setting indoors. Mason jars, Polaroid pictures, and old wine casks can all play a part to make your day even more beautiful. Renting your lighting and décor will also be easy if you go with a low-maintenance vintage theme. Flowers also play a big part. So not only will your special day be beautiful, it will also be floral. Pair all that with a good photographer and your wedding will be spectacular.

Here are a few advantages of having a classic

wedding theme:

Classy wedding themes are often seen as overrated but they do come with their perks. Hiring contractors and renting equipment to set up your wedding area is much easier when you go the elegant route. If you want to make your wedding truly elegant, then you’ll also have to bear some expenses but it’s not difficult to get quotes. The key is to do your research and evaluate your options before you come to a conclusion. There are many rental agencies willing to take on the décor and organizing of your wedding for an affordable price. Elegant wedding showcases you and your spouse in a glowing light that’s hard to beat. It makes you and your venue, wherever that maybe, luxurious.

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