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3 Unique Ways to Use Draperies for Intimate Gatherings

Outdoor venues work really well for all kinds of events, especially intimate gatherings. There is a lot you can do with outdoor venues and play around with design and other aspects of decorating an outdoor space. Are you planning to have an intimate gathering outdoors? Do you want to make the space private and unique?

Unique ways to use draperies for your intimate outdoor event

Crystals and beads strung from pipes: Crystals reflect light and form interesting patterns around them. Beads and crystals make pleasant clinking sounds when they touch. You can hang strings of crystals and beads from colored pipes from the roof of your outdoor event venue. The tent will be strong enough to hold their weight. You will be able to create a private space by enclosing your event venue using these curtains while making the space interesting and beautiful. This idea works equally well for daytime and nighttime outdoor events.

Curtain of fairy lights: Fairy lights are available in various colors and lengths. They are easy to use and safe for indoor and outdoor events. You can use various lengths of fairy lights and hang them close together around the tent to create an intimate space for your event. They will also provide additional lighting for your venue and create warm textures that work great for photographs. This is a great idea for a nighttime outdoor event.

Nature for your privacy: Another great option to make your outdoor event venue private while still feeling outdoorsy is to use plants to enclose the event space. You can use climbers hanging from the top of the tent, pots with seasonal flowers and tall ornamental plants around the venue, or strings of leaves and flowers hanging all around the venue. The green will infuse your venue with life and make the venue look lively and fresh. This is a great idea especially for daytime outdoor events.

Tips to make your outdoor event space interesting

Here are a few other ways to make your event venue unique and beautiful while keeping it intimate:

Use sparkling linen in a few corners to brighten up the space. Use warm lights, artistic lamps, and bright-colored lanterns all over the event space. Use aromatic candles (away from fluttering linen) around seating areas for a warm, intimate feel.

If you are confused about draperies and design for your outdoor event, you can get in touch with professional event planners and designers to help you make your outdoor event special, unique, and intimate.


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