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Setting Up A Full-Size Wedding Bar  In A Tented Venue 

Are you planning a wedding or other tented venue event in the great outdoors? Do you want to have a full wedding bar at your event but are unsure how to make it happen in a tented venue? Many people believe that a full bar cannot be set up in a tented outdoor venue. But, outdoor  wedding bars can be set up without a bit of planning and without too much of a hassle if you want one at your tented outdoor event.

Essentials For Setting Up A Wedding Bar In A Tented Venue

  • Solid ground in and around the bar: Ensure that the ground at the spot you plan to set up the bar and the area around it is firm and solid. Loose soil, sand, or other such material can make your bar counter unsteady. If you have such uneven surfaces at the venue, you will need to get flooring for your tent before setting up a bar counter.

  • Large corner space within the tent: A bar should ideally be set up in a corner where kids will not be running around and no one will accidentally bump into a shelf full of glasses. A corner area in the tent that is a bit away from the main crowds but easily accessible to everyone at the venue is a great idea.

  • Separate tent for the bar: If your tent is not very big, you might want to consider a separate smaller tent for the bar. This will ensure that the bar setup is in a safe area separate from yet close to the main venue. It will also let guests walk around and get some fresh air if the main venue gets crowded.

Other essentials to make your  wedding bar perfect

  • Ensure there are enough lime wedges, other garnishes, and mixers to last for the entire duration of the event.

  • Get lots of ice for the event, especially if you expect it to be a warm day.

  • Ensure that the bar is set up such that people do not have free access to the inside of the bar counter.

  • Stock up on different kinds of glasses that suit the drinks on your bar menu, and add napkins, straws, and other basics for cocktails.

You will need to plan in advance and ensure you have the right furniture and setup for the bar, but it is possible to set up a full-size bar without any problems in an outdoor tented venue.

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