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Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Wedding Bar

Your wedding day is probably the most exciting and important day of your life. And while this day should definitely be all about you, you should make sure that your guests are having a great time. After all, what good is a wedding if no one is having fun?

One of the surest ways to ensure that each of your guests are enjoying themselves on your big day is by having an open bar. In fact, according to the findings of a survey conducted by Wedding Wire, it was found that the bar is one of the most important parts of a wedding that guests actually acre about. About a third of all the 800 guests surveyed said that they always pay attention to the bar at a wedding.

However, alcohol can be expensive, and your guests won’t be expecting the highest quality alcohol to be served. Instead, you can serve ample amounts of wine, beer and maybe a signature cocktail, and your guests will have an equally good time. For one night, they don’t have to have top-shelf drinks. The fact that it is a wedding, and they’re surrounded by good friends and family is enough reason to be in a good mood and dance the night away.

The bar table – More than just an alcohol server

It’s not just the kind of alcohol you serve that matters. The setup of the bar itself can make a huge difference. Make sure to have a bar table that matches the theme or décor of your wedding. It’s not just the chandelier, and light you should pay attention to, people are eyeing your bar table too.

Today, there are various kinds of bar tables you can choose from, all with a high aesthetic appeal that will compliment any theme. For instance, you can opt for a Cedar Bar, Round Cedar Bar, Wood Bar, Luau Bar, White Wash Bar, White and Gold Bar or a White Bar Back. These are just a few of the bar tables we at Rio Events Design offers. Depending on the décor you have chosen for your wedding, there is always a bar table to go along with it.

The material of the bar table you choose too will depend on the venue of your wedding reception. For example, if you are having a tent wedding outdoors by the beach, the Luau Bar is probably a good idea.

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