Wedding Tent Rentals in Hawaii

Wedding tents are very different from the colorful ones used for your camping trips. They are chic, elegant, and important for almost every outdoor celebration. The right type of tent will protect you and your guests from unexpected wind and rain showers while providing a contemporary backdrop for your reception and ceremony. If you are planning on getting married in Hawaii and you are interested in tent rentals, here is everything you need to know.

Style of tent

There are three styles of tents: frame, pole, and tension. Pole tents cost the least among the three styles of tents. They are also the most common choice as it is easy to install, portable, and lightweight. These tents have small peaks at the center while the sides slope downwards. As the poles supporting the tent need to be tethered to the ground, you can’t use it on gravel or concrete.

Tension tents have high peaks and steeply sloped roofs due to the tension placed on the fabric and tie-downs. These tents feel open and spacious as they have high ceilings. Tension tents remain sturdy during heavy winds and extreme weather conditions.

Frame tents have a metal frame to keep the canopy in place. These wedding tent rentals in Hawaii are mainly for smaller spaces and they don’t need extra space for stakes and ropes. Unlike other tents, frame tents can be set up on most of the surfaces. However, these tents are more expensive and heavier, making it harder to install than the ones above.

Find a good vendor

Once you have found a venue for your wedding tent, you need to find a good vendor for tent rentals. As there will be other couples who are planning on getting married around the same time you need to find a tent rental vendor as soon as possible. Contact different vendors and compare what they have to offer. Find out if the vendors have additional charges for delivery, permits, accessories, and labor.

Accessories for the tent

After you have picked a vendor and the type of tent, you will need additional items to ensure everything goes smoothly during your big day. These items may include dumpsters, chairs, tables, generators, A/C units, dinnerware, and portable restrooms to name a few. Most tent rentals will provide these items as a part of their service. You will also need additional tents for your catering team and band.

By using our Wedding Tent Rentals in Hawaii, you will be able to have an amazing wedding inside a tent rental. If you are finding it challenging to find a good tent rental vendor, why don’t you approach Sperry Tents Hawaii? They have their own custom tents, floors, and lights that will meet your every requirement.

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